Ashton’s Intern Experience – Jumping In

What is a typical day as an intern for Alberici Constructors? Well as far as my experience has shown me, there is no typical day. Everyday has been a little different, even jumping to different projects some days. While my main project for the summer is working on mobilizing on site, I have been able to lend a hand to another project well underway.

My second project is in fact is on its fifth year of a five-year project, meaning they were looking for a little extra help with organization and someone willing to jump on any task necessary, so I was the one for the job. In the short time I’ve been with this company, I’ve already experienced so much, such as taking a business trip to Georgia only to have the chance to visit the beach for dinner on our last night, interacting with craftsman on a self-preformed job, listening to conference calls conducting plans for the future of the company and so much more.

The most exciting thing for me has been being able to travel to new places, and experience flying for the first time. I am very grateful for the opportunity Alberici has given me this summer, without them I wouldn’t be exposed to the amount of culture, great people, and exciting projects that I have already encountered. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer and what opportunities it holds for me.