Alena’s Intern Experience – Intern Summit & Saying Goodbye

I can’t believe that my summer has already come to a close here in St. Louis. It has been such a great summer! I have gotten to know so many fantastic people both this summer and last and I’m sad to leave and head back to school. These past two weeks have been exciting to say the least!

Last week, our HR department planned an intern summit for all of the interns from Alberici and its sister company, Flintco. Everyone met at headquarters for two fun-filled days of activities and site tours. We started out on Thursday listening to Dave Gough, the president of ACL (Alberici’s Canada division). He told us about his history with the company and how excited he was to be able to spend time with us. Next, we heard from John Alberici himself. John talked about the history of the company all the way back to when it was founded in 1918. He also talked about how Alberici’s Corporate Headquarters building got to be and then took us on a tour. It is so interesting to see all of the LEED elements and all of the planning that went into the building before it was built.

Thursday afternoon we traveled to the steel fabrication shop located over on Kienlen Avenue. It was very interesting to see and hear about the most recent and current projects that are going through the shop. Later that night, we headed to a Cardinals’ game and watched a great win for St. Louis! It was fun to interact with everyone outside of work and get to know some new employees that I hadn’t met before.

Friday morning, the group split and traveled to two different project sites. One half of the group went to our project at Monsanto and the other half traveled to BJC. I had the opportunity of traveling to the Monsanto project and it was awesome to see the greenhouse/headhouse and also the technology building. Both projects are coming along well and I really enjoyed the tours. Friday afternoon involved a closing from Dave and Greg Kozicz along with a few returning interns. The returning interns talked about why they chose to come and work for Alberici for a second summer and also what they like about the company. Overall, I really enjoyed the intern summit because it was a great way to meet the interns that I’m not directly working with!

I also visited BJC this past week to catch up with the people that I worked with last summer. It was amazing to see how far the project has come along, even in just a year. It was so great to see everyone again and the project is looking amazing! I can’t wait to work on a project like that someday.

Overall, I have learned so much this summer and I’m so grateful for all of the people that I have met and that have helped me along the way. Here’s to one more year of school and being out in the real world soon!