Alberici Named as One of America’s Safest Companies

EHS Today, a leading publication for the safety, risk management, industrial hygiene, occupational health and environmental management industries, named Alberici Constructors to their annual list of America’s Safest Companies for 2013.

Alberici is one of 16 U.S. companies to make this year’s list and one of only two construction firms. The rigorous evaluation criteria includes a demonstrated commitment to safe work practices throughout all levels of the company, significantly lower than average injury and illness rates, innovative solutions to safety challenges, and the development and implementation of comprehensive training programs.

“We believe strongly in creating a work culture where safety is first and foremost,” said LeRoy Stromberg, Alberici’s Chief Operating Officer. “By placing value on shared responsibility, everyone is responsible for working safely and ensuring that their coworkers do the same.”

Alberici employs 12 full-time safety professionals who are dedicated to monitoring and improving all aspects of the company’s environmental, health, and safety practices. This dedicated team, along with Alberici’s unique corporate safety program, SafeRing, has helped the company achieve an average lost time injury rate of 0.02 for the past three years, well below the construction industry average of 1.7.

“Safety rules and policies are ‘left in the book’ too often,” said Alberici safety director Bo Cooper.  “Clearly we have a dedicated group of field supervisors who are living and working our safety culture on our project sites. It is their continuous efforts to lead safe practices that resulted in this award.”

“Companies that are named to EHS Today’s ASC list understand the symbiotic relationship between safety and productivity, profits, morale and employee retention,” said Sandy Smith, editor in chief of EHS Today. “The marketplace is demanding that companies be sustainable, and they only should be considered sustainable if they protect their most important asset: employees.”

Alberici will be honored at EHS Today’s annual America’s Safest Companies Conference on October 28 and profiled in their November magazine issue.