Adam’s Intern Experience – Catching up on a Year of Project Progress

Hello! My name is Adam Mouak. I am a second-year intern with Alberici. I am currently going into my senior year at the University of Kansas, where I am studying Architectural Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. In my free time I love to golf and go hiking.

Last summer during my first internship, I was put onto the Nestle-Purina pet food expansion project in Hartwell, GA. While I was down in Hartwell, the project was doing equipment install for a new production line that was being added. There was relatively little going on, in terms of craft work, while I was there, as there was a lot of big things coming up. It was the calm before the storm! During this time, there was a lot of preparation going on for the giant 500,000 SF expansion that was to soon get started.

Prior to working with Alberici, I had no experience in construction, so being able to come at this calm (calm being relative, for there was plenty of things going on) period provided me with the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the basics without feeling overwhelmed. Currently, I am back in Hartwell for another internship at the Nestle-Purina pet food expansion project. This time around is almost a 180 from last time.

There is a ton of work going on in the field, and the team has doubled in size since last time to handle this increase in work load. One cool thing about being able to come back to Hartwell is seeing some of the pre-construction tasks that I was doing last summer come to fruition. In particular, I helped to put together a bid package for a fire tank last summer, and this summer, it is nearing completion.

One thing to note is that a lot of what made and currently makes my internship so great is the people I get to work with. These people have and still do treat me amazingly! I get to golf almost every weekend, go on fishing trips, hang out, and do so much more with my coworkers. As is evident, working with Alberici has taught me so much. Alberici is a fantastic company with a fantastic culture, and if you have the opportunity to intern with them, I would not pass it up! You’ll get the chance to learn more than you ever thought was possible, and you will get the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people along the way!